Sample Submission

Sample submission forms for our services are available for download below.

Illumina MiSeq, Illumina NextSeq2000, MGI DNBSEQ G400RS – Use this form for:

  • whole genome sequencing
  • SNP detection
  • RNA-Seq
  • small RNA analysis
  • chromatin immunoprecipitation assays
  • 16S microbiome sequencing
  • metagenome sequencing
  • metatranscriptome sequencing

Thermo Scientific LTQ-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer – Use this form for:

  • identification of proteins from:
    • pull-down assays
    • TAP-tagging studies
  • identification of  post-translational modifications
  • molecular weight determination
  • identification of protein-ligand interaction
  • detailed proteome profiling of organisms